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1 month ago

Visit Nepal 2020 with Messenger Travel and Tours

As Nepal is celebrating Visit Nepal 2020, event focusing on uplifting the tourism sector and promoting Nepalese tourism all over the world this year, following the successful effort in conducting similar events for the first time in 1998 and 2011 respectively. Every sector in Nepal along with Government being the main is taking the necessary measures to make the event successful. If Visit Nepal 2020 results in the way it has been planned by the government to get 2 million tourists in the country, we surely are going to see the upliftment of the tourism sector and strengthening of the economy this year.

Visit Nepal 2020
“Lifetime Experiences”

A similar campaign to promote Nepalese tourism in 1998 as “Visit Nepal 1998” and “Nepal tourism year 2011”  had a positive impact not only in the tourism industry but the entire nation's economy. So, the task of attracting the targeted tourist this year is the subject of interest not only for the Govt or public sector but also in the private sectors. 

Although Nepal makes the list of tourist destinations year after year, there are certain things that tourists visiting this year can find and explore which could surprise them in a better way. The experience this year is going to be better than ever as listed in the following points:

 It is obvious for someone to assume and have a picture of Nepal as a place with a large number of ancient landmarks in deteriorating conditions, those who visited Nepal right after the earthquake. They might get caught off guard because the ancient monuments that were destroyed are now in better condition than before. The effort from the government to address the issue of rebuilding the ancient history was exceptional in recent years.

Tourists often come to Nepal and go on to visit different places which are discussed in the news and tabloids but Nepal has more to offer than discussed in a few articles. After the effort from the government and private sectors concerning the tourism of Nepal, there are lots of destinations opened up for tourists to visit and explore Nepal.

The infrastructure was one of the primary challenges for the government as most of the time the tourist visiting Nepal were disappointed about. Tourists visiting Nepal this year won’t have to face the problem of adapting to different environments in airports, hotels & transportation. They will have the best of everything this year.

The packages to explore different adventurous expedition are in better schemes than before as they are completely monitored and guided by the government policy. People don’t have to go through hassle while finding packages and putting themselves in the condition of getting robbed. Security and hospitality is the area of focus in “Visit Nepal 2020” and every effort from Government and Private sector is made to meet the requirement for a successful campaign.

Visit Nepal 2020 with Messenger Travel and Tours:

Messanger Travel and Tours is among the best agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal, who can guide you explore Nepal in the best possible way with the help of professionals who are dedicated outdoor leaders having experience of more than 20 years.

Visit Nepal 2020
“Lifetime Experiences”

Your stay in Nepal will result in a once in a lifetime experience with the help and suggestions we provide you. Everything that you choose to do in Nepal is guided by the policy regulated by the Nepal Government and Nepal Tourism Board,  Messanger travel and tour follows the guide thoroughly supporting the policy.

We provide various tour packages that you can choose from the list on our portal //msntraveltour.com. Every package is designed according to the requirement of the customer. The focus is on the best experience and customer satisfaction.

We look forward to everyone visiting Nepal in 2020 and make their stay here in Nepal a memorable visit, wanting them to return here in the future.