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2 weeks ago
Community Home Stay in Nepal

Nepal is culturally and traditionally diversified nation where people are from different traditions and speak their ethnic languages. Most of Nepal is the village area, where people live a simple life adopting the farming as their primary occupation. Living in the house made of stones and tiles, grazing your herd of cattle’s in the hills, living a simple life of peace and happiness with pride, are the way to experience home stay. On your way to your destination, it is the best way to explore and experience the real Nepal that lies far from the crowd and haze of the city. Home stay let do everything locally.

From the past few years, home stay has been very popular in Nepal as home stay provides a closer look at the way of life of people and can experience the authentic Nepalese lifestyle. Your home stay in Nepal will undoubtedly be one of the unforgettable moments of your life. The primary purpose of the home stay let you immerse yourself in local cultural experience, cultural exchange opportunities and giving back to the communities.

What does community home stay??

Community Home stay Network (CHN) is a Social Enterprise that connects tourists looking to experience diverse cultures to home stays run by women. From eating home cooked Nepali food to participating in festivals and the daily culturally rich lives of Nepali people, CHN provides a platform for tourists to experience Nepal through the lens of the Nepali people. At Community Home stays in our network, women are at the forefront of managing the home stays. In doing so, women are empowered, confident and proud contributors to the household and local economy.  There is a greater economic impact to the community as a whole as a lot of things are purchased from the community for meals, comfort, and stay of the guests.

Staying in home stay gives you the life beyond the high buildings. The local culture, taste of authentic food, normal life style and homely behavior gives tourist the real Nepali flavour and do helps Nepali to uplift their economic status utilizing available resources. The ideas of Home stay has triggered by Nepal Tourism Program to increase the accommodation capacity for tourists and to make the local level participation in tourism activities and earn from the available resources. Nepal Sanctuary Treks has also initiated community-based home stay program for sustainable development that helps to support the community project, empower the women and children and at the same time to create a valuable and authentic experience to clients.








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