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1 month ago
Adventure Nepal
Wouldn't it be a best gift to life if you could add more adventurous moments to it?? Not asking to be stupid but a peril experience to life. But sure not by risking the lovely life. To enjoy life beyond the city pleasures and explore the wild world is one hell of a challenge too oneself. Young dumb life demands adventure. For the best experiences, you definitely need to challenge your physical limits and push your way to the thrilling destinations. They lighten up your mental burdens and freshen up your inner mind and develop a better understanding of life. To be more honest, you should enjoy the only life that you have, who knows what's next? And sure if you're really looking for adventurous life then join us to explore the real adventurous art in Nepal.1.Mountain flights: Flying over the magical mountainsSome of us are crazy enough to experience thrills but without having to make any effort. Well, it's not necessary either because if you want to witness the highest mountains in the world without giving your foot any tension then this is the perfect adventure to make. There are many flights flying over those mystical mountains. You get to see a close view of the shadows of lights and beauty of the Himalayas. The flight helps you enjoy every bit of the nature that exists in your journey.2.Everest skydivingThe title itself is thrilling. Skydiving is one of the risks acquired bizarre adventure to do. The highest mountain in the world, Everest and jumping towards its summit is one of the greatest challenges to perform. Even talking about this adventure can make goose bumps all over the body. Falling from 29,500 ft. is definitely not a joke. And the experience is breathtaking. The best part of skydiving is that you can make this flight with your loved ones.3.ParaglidingDo you not like to not only experience the free fall but to fly in the sky like a bird? To roam around the sky like a free bird with wings? And yes it is possible to collect that experience. If you want this to happen then you can do paragliding. It provides you the best experience in this world. You get to see beautiful topography of Nepal while also experiencing a bird fly.4.CanyoningIf water sport is your strength and confidence then you gotta try canyoning at least once in your life. It's one of the out-of-the-world experiences. You can do it en route to Chitwan National Park or Pokhara. It's one of the easy looking full fun adventures to try. But you will be dealing with the slippery rocks with majestic waterfalls. 5.RaftingRafting is group adventure. You won't be doing it solo but with other group of people too. Rafting is done with twist and turns over the swift flowing rivers of nepal. The waves of the rivers flow takes you to a great adventure. It definitely ensures a thrilling experience. The rivers of Nepal flowing from the snow capped Himalayas will keep your body extra excited and thrilled.All these adventure activities are suitable for wild and thrill wanting souls and risk bearers. The experience definitely adds better achievement you would feel about your life. Book your trip if you want to bring thunder for life.


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