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Hiking up from the snow-covered tundra paradise resembles nothing that you have ever experienced everywhere else on earth and trekking in Nepal is a completely magnificent ordeal. Nepal has numerous different destinations for trekking around the country.
Adventure Nepal
Wouldn't it be a best gift to life if you could add more adventurous moments to it?? Not asking to be stupid but a peril experience to life. But sure not by risking the lovely life. To enjoy
Bungee Jumping
Longest Free-Fall in the World!!!Stand on a middle of a suspension bridge and look down below in to the river! A fast flowing river with the narrowing cliffs on both sides. Get set go and ju
Travelling Nepal
Smallest country between two different huge country, Nepal is definitely not lucky with area of the land. It's said Nepal is a yam between two huge rock. This was said by well known person m
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